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Using and customising OpenEvsys

If you’re having trouble navigating the database and/or customising settings, please first refer to our Video Guides & Training page, which includes 8 video tutorials on various features of Openevsys including:

  • How to customise fields
  • How to add an event
  • How to adjust Micro-thesauri
  • How to add a new user
  • How to change the langauge of the site
  • How to perform an advanced search
  • How to use the Charts and Map function

If you require further training and support, please contact us at


Who uses Openevsys?

Users of our software application include human rights NGOs, National Human Rights Institutions, human rights defenders and analysts. We work with over a dozen organizations committed to recording, tracking and analysing human rights violations. For reasons of confidentiality and security, however, we are unable to make  this information public.

What languages is OpenEvsys in?

OpenEvsys is currently available in 15 languages: Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Khmer, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. Different users working on the same database can choose their preferred language. New languages can easily be added. If you’re interested in using OpenEvsys but need it in a different language, contact us for more information.

Can I only use OpenEvsys for human rights abuses? 

The database software is intended for use by human rights groups, but its flexibility allows for wider use. You may use OpenEvsys for documenting many different kinds of data. Customisation settings allow users to adjust data fields and store additional documents.

Is OpenEvsys safe and secure?

OpenEvsys includes critical security upgrades that protect user data. Source code has been verified by independent auditors, recommendations of this audit have been incorporated. Additional security is dependent on the user. If you need to store sensitive information to your database such as a victim’s name who could be put at risk if the confidential record is compromised, you might want to consider hosting with HURIDOCS or offline.

Can I host my own OpenEvsys application? 

Yes, users have the option of hosting OpenEvsys directly on their local servers. However, we advise caution in this. Unless you’re working on secure servers or offline, the risk of data insecurity is high. HURIDOCS offers hosting for your data as a safer alternative to local hosting.

Can I use OpenEvsys offline?

Yes, OpenEvsys functions offline. However, this diminishes the application’s functionality (the Map feature, for example) and the collaboration of multiple users.

Can I upgrade from OpenEvsys to OpenEvsys 2.0?

Yes. OpenEvsys 1.0 and new users should upgrade to the latest version as it features critical security fixes and a more intuitive design.

Can I import data into OpenEvsys? 

If your existing database and documentation methods allow for easy import, this is entirely feasible. We recommend you contact us before then so we can offer our recommendations and assistance.

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