Free trials

The free trials are designed to offer you a chance to test and evaluate OpenEvsys. Free trial instances are not backed up and are not accessed through an encrypted (https) connection, hence you should not host any sensitive information there. It is a trial for you to see, if OpenEvsys gives you what you are looking for, and if that is the case start to customise your form.

  • Free trial accounts will be open for 90 days
  • You can upgrade to standard hosting anytime
  • If you want to host it yourself, but use the customisations created on the trial, please get in touch and we will happily send you the files

Standard hosting

HURIDOCS standard hosting is above all intended for NGOs who do not have the technical capacity to securely host and maintain OpenEvsys themselves, or who simply prefer to outsource this worry and hassle to a competent and trusted third party.

We use servers in Switzerland, and we have a very competent and reliable IT systems administrator who takes care of your data, making sure it’s backed up every day and installing the latest upgrades for you. Your hosting fee will contribute to covering these costs.

Free Trial


Hosting in Switzerland
Installation of upgrades and fixes
Unlimited users
Unlimited cases
Limited to 90 days
No SSL encryption (http)
No backups

Standard Hosting

720 USD/year

Hosting in Switzerland
Installation of upgrades and fixes
Unlimited users
Unlimited cases
Annual renewal
SSL encryption (https)
Daily offline backups

Host it yourself

In addition to HURIDOCS hosting, you can download the source code, which is open source, and install it on your own server. Some organisations do this because they prefer to host their own data, however they tend to have their own systems administrator or webmaster.

The source code is available at

For security reasons, we handle issues for OpenEvsys in our own internal system and do not use Github’s Issues feature.

We also made a manual for installing OpenEvsys on a Windows or Mac computer.

Free advice

As a general rule, you should not hesitate to contact us if you are about to use OpenEvsys for your work. We can discuss your project with you, give you some online tutorial, help you set up your forms, provide you with some tips on how to really make it work for you, and advise you on other tools you may also use.