Testimonial | Özlem Kaya and Gamze Hızlı

Özlem Kaya and Gamze Hızlı

“Aiming to establish the grounds for transitional justice mechanisms and thereby contribute to the democratisation and social peace in Turkey, Truth, Justice and Memory Center is currently focusing on documentation, memorialisation and litigation of enforced disappearance cases that took place mostly during 1990s. The aim is to collect, verify and standardise data both for memorialisation of the victims and to urge for justice by monitoring legal proceedings, sharing information with the public and generate pressure on relevant parties. Compilation of standardized data in a digitized environment where we can do several complex analysis is very important for that reason. OpenEvsys gives us the opportunity to achieve both.

Although it seems very detailed at first sight, it is also user friendly since it is easy to customize for specific needs. The fact that it is a web based tool is also another positive feature which enabled us, with vital help of HURIDOCS team, to share the collected data with the public through a website directly connected to the database itself. This seperate webpage is visualized with maps, graphics and testimony videos that are more accessible and striking for the people in general who are not interested in the topic.”