OpenEvsys is no longer supported

OpenEvsys, shorthand for Open Events System, was a free and open-source database application developed by HURIDOCS. Built on the Events methodology for recording violations and the “who did what to whom” data model, OpenEvsys enabled human rights NGOs to:

  • record, browse and retrieve information on victims, perpetrators and instances of human rights violations
  • analyse data, browse reports and discern trends and patterns of abuse
  • create charts and maps to visualize human rights data
  • manage and track interventions, such as medical and legal aid
  • securely store related documents like testimonies, affidavits and audiovisual files

In 2020, we announced the sunset of OpenEvsys, meaning that we no longer maintain or develop the software’s codebase. You can read more about this decision here.

Self-hosted OpenEvsys instances should continue to work for some time. However, we recommend that you transition to another solution, as OpenEvsys will no longer receive updates and could acquire security vulnerabilities in the future.   

HURIDOCS’ open-source database application Uwazi can be used in a limited way to document human rights violations, and we are actively working to expand its capabilities. Learn more about Uwazi or get in touch.